Monday, January 7, 2008

Where is Qazi Touqeer, “The Once, Heart-throb”?

Never in my wildest dream, did I ever think that I could go so crazy after a TV show, until “Fame Gurukul” came in 2005 on Sony Entertainment Television. I have never liked the Ekta Kapoor kind of, the so called “Saas-Bahu” serials. Nothing really happens in those serials, which can be compared to real life. Sometimes, I almost throw up seeing whatever happens in those serials. Then came the Reality Shows. I didn’t watch the Indian Idol1 properly, cos I didn’t like watching anybody lose and get hurt. After that “Fame Gurukul” came. I thought, “What a copy cat!”, and never took a thought to watch it. And a guy with a mediocre(?? Worse than that, even I can sing better than that ;)) voice in such a nation wide singing competition made me question the show itself. So, I didn’t watch the first few episodes. Ngawang, a friend of mine used to keep on talking about that guy coming back to show everytime after being dropped in the worst three. He was constantly being saved by the jantas. I also once got to see a jhalak, where he was scolded by Prashant sir. But the way he took those scoldings so easily unlike the guys of his kind, made him not get unnoticed in my eyes.

Eventually, we began following the show. With the kind of human being he was, none of my family members got untouched. Everyone became a total fan of his. Even my dad, who doesn’t like me watching songs of Hritik in “Kaho naa pyaar hai” or even his ad, would talk about Qazi and praise him with me (Strange enough!!). We all would cherish the love and votes Qazi got from jantas. Once dad even asked me to vote for Qazi, incase it was possible to vote from Nepal. Yeah, I know ultimately the public are fooled to spend their hard earned money through voting system but still… I even used to go through Google to get extra information and used to share them with dad and others. In Tibetan Buddhism, we believe that if we ring bells in monasteries this life, we will have good voice in the next life. So, hoping that it might help, mom and I used to go to Bouddha to ring bell, so that Qazi could sing well in the episodes to come. Yeah, I know, its bit embarrassing to confess:). Early in the morning too, as soon as mom woke up, she used to talk about Qazi. It was at times, awkward to see a woman of her age going crazy after Qazi. Was difficult to digest. It didn’t feel nice at all:). Meanwhile, my sister was in hostel and in the letters, all I used to write was about Qazi. May be I went to such extent cos during those days, the college I used to go to(for my 4th semester and thereafter) was so depressing, studies too depressing, teachers didn’t know their subjects. The college was one of a kind, “A Namuna”, where you learn nothing. So, your mind has to get onto something na? ;) In college, I had one girl classmate, who hardly came to college. The guys too, some didn’t use to watch “Fame Gurukul”, some didn’t like talking about Qazi, or may be didn’t like Qazi(???). One even used to avoid me as soon as I started talking about Qazi…ha ha. So, I used to keep on talking about him with my language classmate and friend, Arati and she used to keep on listening and nodding though I know that she is not that much fan of his:).

I am especially surprised with Qazi’s emotional strength. If I was him, I would definitely have a nervous breakdown. He got so, so, so many bashes from his so called friends (competitors), teachers and judges in Gurukul. I really wonder how he could keep himself so calm and undisturbed by that harsh environment. He was so real, witty, sharp and funny. So, there was no surprise that junta went all ga ga over him. We all went through the same emotional ups and downs with him throughout the show. When he was hurt, we were hurt. When he was praised, we were happy, infact happier than him. It hurt watching him hurt but then we couldn’t stop watching the show either. He maintained his dignity, kept on working hard and never lost his heart and eventually, came as one of the winners in the show. One of our teachers said, his sister gave treat when Qazi won:).

But then, after he won, he changed. He developed a kind of attitude and was behaving in very strange ways when he was invited to other shows. He was no longer the old Qazi. It was very, very disappointing. And I think may be that’s why, he is now nowhere to be seen in the entertainment industry. I really wonder where he might be and what he might be doing thesedays. We really expected a lot from him. But I don’t think its entirely his fault either. In such a young and tender age, one is bound to get carried away and slip through. No matter how things are, I will always remain his fan for the human being he was and always wish him all the best in life.